Kathleen Henderson Drawings - Gallery Paule Anglim

Kathleen Henderson, "Head of Train.", 2011, Oil stick on paper, 27" x 22" 

Gallery Paule Anglim is pleased to announce an exhibition of new drawings by Kathleen Henderson.

The exhibition will feature recent oil stick works on paper that play within an orchestrated associative context. Implying a narrative voice recounting a story or point of view, the drawings describe thought processes that seem both absurdly personal and capable of weightier relevance. Henderson's method of drawing pays homage to the greater range of cartoon drawing, from the political satire to the comic book variety. Creating an experience more common in literature, she layers intimacy (psychology) with more profound themes (history.)

Kathleen Henderson is presenting other new work at Rosamund Felsen Gallery in Los Angeles May 26th - June 30th. The exhibition Notes on a Gathering Crowd, will feature a large group of new oil stick on paper drawings.

Kathleen Henderson lives and maintains her studio in Berkeley. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boston University and her MFA from Queens College, New York. In 2008 her solo exhibition "What if I could Draw a Bird That Could Change the World" was mounted at the Drawing Center in New York.

You may visit the gallery's web site for more information: www.gallerypauleanglim.com